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The Transformative Light into Lent

I have so enjoyed the longer than usual Epiphany season this year. Counting the Last Sunday of Epiphany, we will have enjoyed 8 Sundays of Epiphany! It is such a joyous, uplifting season as we have had time to soak up the meaning of the Light of the Epiphany beginning with the first symbolic and iconic Divine Light shown from the Eastern Star that guided those to the baby that would be King, Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God! Throughout the Epiphany Season we have been encouraged by the Epiphany themes of hope, assurance, confidence, comfort and affirmation as God’s children.


And now, marked by Ash Wednesday, we enter the season of Lent. If the Epiphany Season is to be for us a mountain-top experience of enlightenment, encouragement and comfort from the knowledge that we serve and belong to a powerful God of the Universe who also cares about us individually and about our well being, the Lenten Season brings us down the mountain to the places where we live out our faith in our everyday lives . . . in our full humanness. Like Jesus before us who came down the mountain from his glorious Baptism and entered into the wilderness of preparation, so do we enter into a Lenten journey of preparation.


Since the Beginning of the Fourth Century, Christians have journeyed through a Lenten Season to ultimately prepare themselves for Holy Week and Easter. Traditionally, the 40 days of Lent have been a time of special observances in worship, prayers, spiritual formation, self-evaluation, spiritual disciplines, self-denial, fasting, meditation and reflection. It is also a time of repentance and renewal. All of these observances, practices and experiences are to prepare ourselves for the true meaning and celebration of Easter. Easter remains the single most significant event in Christianity and in the Church. Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection is the theological core of Christianity.


The Epiphany Season is well positioned before the Season of Lent. In a sense, the Epiphany Season builds us up with a strong foundation of hope, confidence and assurance so that it may strengthen our resolve and fortify us for the challenges and preparations of a truly disciplined and meaningful Lenten journey. The Light found in the Epiphany can illumine our pathways into the “wilderness” experiences of our Lenten journey ahead that will lead us to Easter.


Once again, (as the Benedictine mantra goes: “Again, we begin again.”), your priest and the Church invite you to the beginning of a Holy Lent. May the Light and the riches from the Epiphany Season guide and strengthen you in the observances of a truly, faithful and Holy Lent! AMEN

  “The Best is Yet to Come!”

Fr. Terry  t



March 20, 2019




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Alternating Rite I and Rite II


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