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Three in One!


In this month of April we have some “three in one” holy and sacred events in our lives and in the life of the church. Like the “Three in One” Holy Trinity, those three significant events culminate to focus on the discipleship, crucifixion and resurrection of the One Jesus Christ. In the one month of April this year, we will continue the Lenten Season, we will transition into Holy Week and then we will celebrate the resurrection of Easter followed by the Eastertide season of the Great Fifty days. Big month of big events!


Currently, we find ourselves between Lent and Easter. With Holy Week and Easter being right around the corner, we may begin to feel the tension between these two great observances. If we do feel the tension between these two observances, well . . . Good! In part, all of Lent should be experienced with a certain tension, expectation and anticipation as we prepare ourselves for Easter. Symbolically, we are living in the tension between recognizing our need for reconciliation and the Redemption of Easter, of realizing our unworthiness and being made worthy, of accepting our humanity while embracing the Divine, of our brokenness and being made whole and between accepting our mortal selves and the hope of Life Everlasting.


During this time, we are to be reminded that we are Lenten People AND we are Easter People. We are Lenten People! During Lent, we are to discern our limitations, our character defects and our sinfulness. During Lent, we practice the discipleship of Christ so as to avoid the temptation of filling our spiritual hunger with our own desires, of giving homage to our cultural values or to others over God, of not loving our neighbors as ourselves or not responding to the needs of others. During Lent, we are reminded of our fragile and mortal lives in need of God and Everlasting Life


But . . . We are also Easter People! As Easter People, we know that our limitations and sins have been over-ridden by the Cross and we can experience New Life through the forgiveness of our sins and the power of the Holy Spirit. As Easter People, we can live in hope, joy and in confidence that the Holy Spirit can empower us in all things. As Easter People, we can celebrate the Good News that nothing can separate us from the love of God — not even death.


We are Lenten People and Easter People! Very soon, we will celebrate that we are Easter People during Easter and the Eastertide season. May we then live fully into the victory days of Easter — now, and forever!


May the remainder of this Lenten Season be productive and meaningful. May Easter and the Easter season be wonderful and glorious as we will be soon able to say “Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!”


  “The Best is Yet to Come!”

Fr. Terry  t



May 21, 2019




8:00 AM ContemplAtive Service (no music)

Alternating RITE I and Rite II

10:30 AM Holy Eucharist,Organ & Choir

Alternating Rite I and Rite II


Children's Nursery

provided for all Sunday Services.


Wednesday Worship 

12:10 PM Holy Communion and Healing Service






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We are located at 9380 Davies Plantation Road, just north of the Stonebridge Golf Course and I-40. Exit I-40 at Canada Road.  Turn north and cross over the interstate.  Take an immediate left on Davies Plantation Road (just past the McDonald's) and go 0.8 miles.  St. Philip will be on your right just before the stop sign. CLICK HERE FOR LARGER MAP.

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