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Living Between Lent and Easter

The shades of gray have lingered in this late Winter season, particularly since we have had so many rainy days lately. Very soon we will begin to anticipate a Spring season of warmer days, brighter light and brighter colors. However, in the present, we are still living in the tension between the Winter months and the upcoming Spring.


So it is with Christians who adhere to the ancient, traditional practice of a liturgical year that includes a Lenten Season that leads up to or anticipates the great celebration of Easter. Although we are relatively early in our season of Lent, we live in the tension between Lent and Easter. We embrace the practice and principles of Lent but we do so in the full expectation of an Easter celebration.


During this Lenten Season, we are currently reading and reflecting on the meditation book, Easter Earthquake by James A. Harnish during our Christian Education Series on Sundays. So far, it has been a treasure chest of wonderful and powerful Lenten/Easter reflections and themes.


In one section of the readings there is a delightful story about a father who was taking his young daughter shopping for her Easter dress. As they were walking through the mall, the daughter said, “I can’t wait for Easter!” The father became concerned that his daughter might see Easter as a spring fashion show rather than the true meaning of Easter. So he asked, “Do you know what Easter really means?” The little girl threw her arms up in the air and shouted “Surprise!” (p. 38)


She got it! Wisdom from the mouth of a child! It is indeed the Great Surprise! The Resurrection of Jesus was the Great Surprise that brought about the Good News that changed the world forever. Unlike hurricanes and storms that can be anticipated and tracked for hundreds and thousands of miles, earthquakes are surprises that happen. The earthquake that preceded the Risen Lord reverberated throughout the world, the universe and throughout the cosmos.


“The earthshaking promise of Easter is that God has not forsaken any of us. The risen Christ will meet us along the confused, chaotic, fearful paths of our lives and speak the same words the women hear in the tomb: Do not be afraid! . . . But the Resurrection shatters the power of fear. Because Christ is risen, we no longer allow fear to dominate, control, or manipulate us. We don’t remain imprisoned in the tombs of our past failures or buried under the weight of present anxiety. In the Risen Christ, old things pass away and everything becomes new.” (p. 11) What a great surprise! What Good News!


As we continue through this Lenten Season or through our own wilderness experience, may we remember that we are not alone. We go with the Risen One who will give comfort, mercy and grace in our time of need. Don’t be surprised if you find Him everywhere!


Have a blessed Lent!






  “The Best is Yet to Come!”

Fr. Terry  t



March 21, 2018




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