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Bread, Fishes and Thanksgiving!

We have had warm even hot weather throughout the month of October but just recently we are experiencing a snap of cooler nights and days. It finally is beginning to feel like a fall season to participate in college football, the World Series, the beginning of the NBA season, High School football, NFL football, Halloween decorations, fall gardening and the beginning of our annual fall Stewardship Campaign. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we are reminded of the relationship between Stewardship and Thanksgiving.


It is fitting that the Stewardship season has traditionally been a part of the Thanksgiving season. Both seasons share the common theme or goal of taking inventory of our blessings and sharing the gifts we have been given. The theme of this year’s 2017 Stewardship Campaign is “Bread and Fishes: Sharing and Abundance”. The theme is taken from the icon or image on our own banner flag. The icon on the banner is printed on our weekly service bulletins as well as on many of our publications. The icon illustrates the cross of Christ in the center and the image of bread and fishes on the sides of the cross. The image symbolizes the role and presence of St. Philip during the miracle feeding of the 5,000 by Jesus (John 6:1-14:1). This year’s Stewardship theme focuses on the idea that sharing precedes abundance. It was out of the sharing of a little that God created abundance. It was from the act of sharing that Jesus then performed the great miracle of Abundance.


As we enter the Season of Thanksgiving where we take inventory of all the blessings of this life and give God the praise , so do we contemplate the sharing of the many blessings and gifts from God. It is by the sharing of our gifts (our “bread and fishes”) that God can then create a blessing of Multiplication and Abundance for us as a parish and for those in need. In this sense, Thanksgiving and Stewardship are inseparable! Let us remember the great offertory prayer, “All things come of thee, oh Lord, and of thine own have we given thee”! During this season of Stewardship and Thanksgiving, let us “Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow” and may we share our blessings and gifts so that God can transform them into a great, useful abundance for the church and for those in need.


Happy Thanks!


Happy Giving!


Happy Thanksgiving!



  “The Best is Yet to Come!”

Fr. Terry  t



November 20, 2017




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We are located at 9380 Davies Plantation Road, just north of the Stonebridge Golf Course and I-40. Exit I-40 at Canada Road.  Turn north and cross over the interstate.  Take an immediate left on Davies Plantation Road (just past the McDonald's) and go 0.8 miles.  St. Philip will be on your right just before the stop sign. CLICK HERE FOR LARGER MAP.

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